Friday, January 11, 2013

Mushroom Butter Nut Squash Coconut Curry

This doesn't look like much, but the flavors EXPLODE in your mouth.  It's so good!

2 T ghee or light olive oil
2 T garlic/ginger paste (see instructions here or see video below)
3 cups or more sliced mushrooms (I used white button mushrooms & baby portabellas)
Cook until the mushrooms start to release liquid.
3 small sliced zucchini
Cook until they start to get soft.

1 T Red Curry Paste
1/2 can coconut milk (If using light coconut milk, use a full can and omit water.)
1/2 cup or more water 
2 cups shredded cabbage
2 cups fresh spinach
2 cups steamed butternut squash, cubed

Cook until the spinach is wilted and all ingredients are heated through.  
This makes a filling meal on it's own (due to the squash), but it can be served over brown rice to add more fiber to the meal.

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